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He sells crack at your local Walmart and has probably stabbed everyone you know watch out because he will come for you if you rip him off in a drug deal he is also Irish. A downside is he eats poop so yea. But he is also SUPER HAWT
The conlin is so cool. I am date conlin because he hawt
by Held doen8639363973 May 31, 2020
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Conlins are rare. They are popular and incredible athletes while maintaining a gentleman's image. A lucky breed, Conlins usually have Irish blood. With successful careers and deep pockets, Conlins are a great catch. They enjoy the finer things in life while remaining charitable and humble. The mother of a Conlin is a very lucky woman for she will be well taken care of and loved. If you know a Conlin, you are hanging around the right people.
I think Conlin is the coolest guy I know.
by Princess consuela March 28, 2014
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A person named Conlin, Conlan or Conlen is 'The Guy' . He is tight with all the girls and pulls out charm when needed. Hard to resist he is popular and a party animal. He is smart. He is good at everything, especially sports. Definitely, a guy to be around.
by woahman1369 September 15, 2010
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A unit of measure for currency related to rent. This unit is similar to how rent-controlled New York determines value but is a special measurement of success based on someone's proclaimed expenses, as a sign of importance or hierarchy in society.

Generally set at $1000
The more I pay for rent, the lower other expenses relatively become.

I pay $1000 for rent and that hamburger costs $11, that is like .011 Conlin Rent Units (CRU).

I can't afford that, its 2.2 CRU, or $2200

I pay nothing for rent, so my CRU is 0.
by thesexualpunisher September 9, 2020
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a man who generally thinks of himself to be a man with balls yet he does not have size but he does have the figurative balls
you can find the average finn conlin inflating his pants to give certain "impressions"
by datannoyingguy November 14, 2013
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