Conlan Means Hero in gaelic and is a person of great stature, very handsom and has plain out skills at life. If you are named conlan, you are lucky!
wow that Conlan sure is a baller!
by Conlan Dwyer April 13, 2007
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When you find a Conlan you are lucky! Conlans can be annoying at sometimes but they are really funny. Conlans Only have a couple girlfriends throughout there whole life because when they decide to date that person he makes sure it’s gonna last. Conlans don’t like short realstionships. If you get to know him he is very Nice and kind and cairing. Conlans usually have Brown or black hair it’s rare to see a conlan with blonde or red hair.
Girl 1: Conlan with you go out with me?
Conlan: I’m sorry but your longest relationship was 1 week.
*One week by*
Girl 2: Hey conlan with you go out with me?
Conlan: yes because your longest realstionship was for 3 years.
by TheFutuerWriter May 12, 2019
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Guys named Conlan are absolute beauts. Hard working, good head on their shoulders. Funny as fuck. Can drink like an Irishman. Get’s along with most people but doesn’t take any shit either. Handsome and definitely a panty dropper. If your name is Conlan, crank some bud lattes and slide into an absolute Rocket tonight!
Anyone know where Conlan went last night?
by John A. McDonald November 23, 2021
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A person named Conlin, Conlan or Conlen is 'The Guy' . He is tight with all the girls and pulls out charm when needed. Hard to resist he is popular and a party animal. He is smart. He is good at everything, especially sports. Definitely, a guy to be around.
by woahman1369 September 15, 2010
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Some fat retard that is addicted to eating six sandwiches or any other ungodly amount of fat people food. He is so ugly and fat, no woman would ever even think about talking to him. He weighs over a metric shit ton and is fucking gay. He also has a fat fucking chode, clocking in at about three inches long. Conlan Oliver is nothing but a fat, gay retard.
Man, Conlan Oliver is so fucking fat
by MilkyMike15 April 30, 2019
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"Damn , did you see that guy Conlan? He's one bad bitch!"
by Sweet'n'spicy January 16, 2022
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