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A unit of measure for currency related to rent. This unit is similar to how rent-controlled New York determines value but is a special measurement of success based on someone's proclaimed expenses, as a sign of importance or hierarchy in society.

Generally set at $1000
The more I pay for rent, the lower other expenses relatively become.

I pay $1000 for rent and that hamburger costs $11, that is like .011 Conlin Rent Units (CRU).

I can't afford that, its 2.2 CRU, or $2200

I pay nothing for rent, so my CRU is 0.
by thesexualpunisher September 9, 2020
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The act of placing a penis, or cock (see cock), between each of your toes.
Dave and I made our own chicken slippers.
by thesexualpunisher September 30, 2015
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A person, normally having a mental deficiency, with an abnormal screaming response to both negative and positive social interactions.
Take a look at 'Thunder Lungs' over there freak out on the principal.
by thesexualpunisher September 17, 2021
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