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Would you like to show that you are an average male/female ages 18-30 who finds basic memes created 4 years ago to be absolutely hilarious? Do you enjoy going on a website that everyone within your target audience goes on, and perhaps would you like to purchase a generic t-shirt? Are you okay with female nudity and in fact, promote it? Females, would you like to submit a half-naked picture of yourself on the world wide web, so everyone can see how attractive you look once you have photoshopped the hell out of your picture? Forget sending them to boyfriends or possible love interests, why not post it on a website so that EVERYONE can see your most personal parts and do god-knows-what with it. You'll have a million boys knocking down your door within minutes! And the best part is, it's free! Go on the today, and remember, everyone is doing it!
"wow, that guy has a Chive t-shirt, he must be so cool and definitely not a giant douche bag! The Chive is the best website ever. KCCO"
by FavoriteWorstNightmare March 19, 2014
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A website for people who are too stupid to figure out Reddit.
"You know the type, Bros who think The Chive is the end-all of the Internet."
by Csmtfrin April 01, 2015
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An awesome site for viewing photos of whores. The best part: every girl with daddy issues and no self-respect uploads photos for the world to see. These types of females feel vulnerable elsewhere, but when you put a bunch of whores together, they let loose and show off their well-spent goods to the world.
I totally saw Sara on DAR! I know she slept with every guy on campus, but it's still nice to see her begging for acceptance on the chive!
by Awesome R December 26, 2012
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