DAR stands for Do And Redo.
A term given to a chaotic organisation, project or individual who is incapable of organising a pissup in a brewery
How many times can you get something wrong? What are you? Some kind of DAR??
by victor1976 July 26, 2020
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From the Website theChive.com, meaning
Daily Afternoon Randomness
Thank you for my DAR!
by picomas March 25, 2011
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DAR; the acronym for Dope Ass Rager.
1. OMG Emma, i had sew much fun at your DAR on the weekend!

2. Bring your cocaine to my DAR, its going to be a good time!
by Emmzbbg November 17, 2011
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a girl that loves to fuck and has the biggest tities in the whole world !
by pubzz July 11, 2008
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guy: dude we've been playing mario kart for 4 hours
dude: yeah bro, i'm sick of daring. let's go dick around on the quad.
guy: yeah man! let's daq!!
by B_rad__G November 6, 2009
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A word used when someone wants to LOOK like they can use a computer. It is also another name for a USB port, yet again, when talking computers.
Miss A: So you fire wall the DAR and reboot its system core.
Mr.B: You have no idea what your talking about do you?
Miss A: Uh...


Mr A: So you just plug it into the DAR?
Miss B: Yep
by Choo-Choo McGrew May 14, 2006
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DAR, known as Day-After Regret is a follow-up to PBD. It occurs the day after a hardcore beat session when you realize that you should have kept downloading that porn and not deleted those pics. Now you will never find them again.
"Why the fuck did I cancel that download, it was so hot."
"Well I can find something else to get rid of this DAR."
by sam hi February 19, 2008
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