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From that gay ass song where the farmer picks the wife, etc etc and the cheese stands alone. Meant to describe the odd one out in a group because they're single (without a boyfriend/girlfriend).
"We're triple dating, but what about Nadia? She's The Cheese right now..."
by Branden May 21, 2004
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the most hardcore gang ever, consisting of master cheese and brie. if you ever take them on, they will fuck you up.
un-suspecting victim: hey man, lets go fight the cheeses

*2 hours later in hospital*

unsuspecting victim: owwwwwwww
by rimz_69 January 18, 2009
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The nickname of the baller. Usally found with a blunt in hand, The Cheese navigates massive amounts of marijuana and pharmaceuticals through out The Sea-Town region. Besides having an amazing tenacity towards females, The Cheese possess' a love for the Dope Game.
The Cheese was gettin his groove on at da club and I scored a half nizzle of some dizzity dank.
by Malicious Mike October 14, 2004
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