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It is when you jack off in someone eyes sockets while there sleeping and leave it there to dry. When the person wakes up there eyes are matted shut by dry cum looking like they have pink eye.
The Brenda Example: My wife's uncle did this to his wife one night when he was drunk and she would not have sex with him. So he got really mad and while she slept he jacked off on her face and it just so happened to go in both eyes. When she woke up both of her eyes where held shut from dry cum. She though she had pink eye but she was totally wrong.
by Strokan January 03, 2012
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The Brenda Fricker is the gicker or arsehole.
It orignates from the oscar winning actress of the same name.
Pal, he's clearly just sweatin at home sunflowering the brenda off himself
by GillSans January 07, 2010
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