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A group of excelled individuals who have formed a young gentleman's club in order to promote unity and organised drinking within a group dynamic. Each member brings their own unique and special attributes to the club, be it their individual take on barmyness or extremely strong banter. Entrance to this elitist and profound club is on an invite only basis and a series of tasks and initiations must be passed before granted membership.

The Barmy Army frowns upon anti-banter and 'banter sappers' and also doesn't permit disloyalty such as, 'I'm not hammered, I'm Birmingham hammered!' Such comments result in members being re-initiated and discriminated against.

Members of The Barmy Army take this gentleman's club extremely seriously and intend to rival The Masons.
i strive to one day meet a member of the barmy army.
by Sir D.M.Broadfield January 10, 2009
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