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Mostly inoffensive term meaning a bit mad. Applied to old women.
by English Boy December 3, 2004
Enthusiastic club (circa Euro '96 onwards) of supporters of the England football team who travel the world to see their team play.

They sell branded shirts which are bought by adolescent thugs who don't understand the irony.
barmy army...barmy army...barmy army...
(through the whole 90 minute game).
by English Boy December 8, 2004
Taking the details off a card at an ATM
usually by adding an additional card
reader onto the original slot. The details
are used to make a fake duplicate. The
pin number is obtained by watching or
filming the victim as he types it in.
I was a victim of skimming because
2 hours after taking some money out of
a cash machine in Soho, 300 pounds was
taken out of my account at another machine in Brixton - and I was nowhere near there at the time.
by English Boy December 10, 2004
The World Series appears to have got its name due to hyperbolic newspaper reporting during its early days. It seems to be accepted now that the New York World Newspaper did not sponsor the event. So blame the media, not Americans
The first several contests between the two league champions were reported under a variety of titles -- "championship series," "world championship series," "world's series" -- before eventually becoming standardized in name as the "World Series." If the name had derived from the New York World's sponsorship, it would have been nothing but the "World Series" from the very beginning (and as far back as 1884). (from www.snopes.com)
by English Boy December 8, 2004
Fiendishly complex game popularised by
British radio show, "I´m Sorry I Haven´t Got A Clue". The game is based on moves
around the London Underground (Tube) map. The winner is the first to reach
Mornington Crescent.
From the FAQ: "It is impossible to approach Mornington Crescent on a Direct Diagonal as a quick look at the tube map will show. (Unless you play Real Geography in which case a Direct Diagonal may well be possible, but not being a Real Geographist I wouldn't like to say)."
by English Boy December 6, 2004
Make friends with an isolated person to introduce them to your community or group.

Often relates to minority cultures or interests such as gay people who are in the process of coming out.
The Reading Gay Link group befriended 5 people in the last year of which 2 became
by English Boy December 3, 2004
Believes that gods, like fairies, don't exist.
Atheist: "All religions try to steal market-share from each other. Christianity stole pagan believers by celebrating Christmas on the same day as the festival for Mithras the sun god. So a bunch of simple-minded, self-righteous pillocks isn't going to stop me having fun at Christmas."
by English Boy December 13, 2004