A sex position: When you cum on a guy or girl's face, throw him or her on the ground, and then tazz him or her in the butt. (Preferably in the butt hole).
Last night my boyfriend and I did The Andy Samberg! It was great, but my butt stings a little.
by punkfairy53 March 3, 2010
Cast member on Saturday Night Live from 2005-Present.

Is part of a team known as "The Lonely Island," and is one of "The Dudes."

Andy Samberg is very entertaining and not to bad on the eyes!
by Yowza Yowza February 2, 2006
the hottest person ever
he is in the best show ever, Brooklyn 99
person 1: he is the hottest person in the world
person 2: i know, Andy Samberg is sooo hot
by Melissa Samberg May 13, 2020
One third of the recently SNL added group called the "The Lonely Island" whos' experience in shorts and music videos have helped to increase the popularity of SNL especially with "The Chronic What Cles of Narnia."
David:That Andy Samberg is one silly bitch!
by Plastic Soccer Trophy February 26, 2006
Cast member of Saturday Night Live, also starring in many shows, such as: Yo Gabba Gabba, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Hot Rod, Arrested Development, I Love You, Man, Space Chimps, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, 2009 MTV Movie Awards, and Bollywood Hero. An all around funny guy, who, from 2001 to today, was/is active in shows, sketches, and comedy in general. Andy is a Jew and is also known very well for his sketches in The Lonely Island. He is in many music videos, such as: Jizz In My Pants, I'm on a Boat, Dick in a Box, Motherlover, Like a Boss, Lazy Sunday, and one of his most recent ones, I Threw It To The Ground. Many of these are for sale on an album named Incredibad.
Man 1: Did you see SNL last night?
Man 2: No, why?
Man 1: Ahh, man. It was hilarious! I tell you, that Andy Samberg is one funny guy!
by cactuses October 17, 2009
A cast member on SNL who was made popular by his digital shorts such as Dick in a Box, Lazy Sunday, Jizz in my Pants, I'm on a Boat, Like a Boss, and the new sequel to Dick in a Box, Motherlover.

He was also the star in the movie Hot Rod, and had a role in the movie I Love You, Man.

He is one third of the comedy troup The Lonely Island with his childhood friends Akiva and Jorma.
Andy Samberg is hilarious and probably one of the sexiest men alive.
by lkdfjasdlfja May 17, 2009
n. A finishing maneuver during sexual intercourse;
Similar to the "money shot" but sloppier

See: "careless sploosh"
Liam: "Hey man, I totally Andy Samberg'd my girl in the car earlier."

Peter: "I can tell, bro...it's everywhere."
by Sandbox Czar July 27, 2011