Giving a rim job then making out with afterward.
I was very hesitant because to give my boyfriend The Alwin after he had just taken a dump.
by twig973 July 22, 2009
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Alwine you are the best person alive. You put so much effort into making me feel better and always keep me going. I know u always searched up your name on here and never found a definition, I know it probably wasnt a big deal for you but you deserve your own definition my mate. I love you and I always will, platonic or not I WILL. I wish I could just hug you all day and cuddle with you. You are my home, my comfort place and my favourite person. I know you will never see this and even if u wont even know its from me but I just wanna say this so badly: I love you, and as I'm writing this my heart is exploding because of you. Thank you Alwine for remembering the smallest details abt the things I tell you and thank you for your hugs (they r very comforting ma lorddd). You are the best, I wish I could kiss you rn. My mate I love you (I know u dont deserve me but its the truth).

-Your dashing mate :)
Dude 1: I have been talking to this girl lately, she is the best person alive, legit.
Me: She is such an Alwine
by dashing mate December 28, 2022
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An amazingly talented and handsome man. Kind, but very clever, and creative when he wants to be. Might seem withdrawn at first, but will turn out to be a truly loyal friend, capable of immense compassion and providing great companionship.
Girl 1: look at Alwin over there... Im thinking of asking him out
Girl 2: I wouldnt do that. Hes out of your league
Guy 1: Shut up Girl 2, I saw you get rejected by him yesterday
by N*tsafef*rw*rk December 9, 2019
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Greatest hustler of all time, has a bigger cock than victor and andy. Most Alwins tend to hustle on the block all day until they go to University. At uni, Alwin is the smartest, most handsome guy in the room.
Person one: “Hey there comes Alwin”
Person two: “I want him to give me babies
Person one: “But you are a man?”
Person two: “I’d do anything for that Alwin”
by realhustler55 February 18, 2020
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An Alwin is a first name for weird being that is human but mostly not considered as one. They used to live in packs but nowadays you can only find them alone, and even that only on rare occasions.

They are as cool as a cucumber and known for their enormous brains. They don't use these for learning or other useful things tho. They instead use them to memorize every line in 'Back to the Future' or play video games while developing a way not to go dankrupt.
They're often considered as a Dudebro and passionate lovers, most of them are very creative and have a dark kind of humor. (Dark as in 9/11 jokes dark)

They are able to make the best meals in the middle of the night, look at least mediocre in whatever they're wearing, impress people with their use of big words and make you enjoy your hangover after a night of excessive drinking. They're also great for deep late night conversations even tho it might happen that they emerge to pure weirdness and drag you into the fourth dimension in which dandelion-people ride on manatees and communicate by farting rainbows into each others faces.
However, they are still simple minded beings that only need a select group of friends, some crisps, some of that sweet sweet kush and a device to watch his movies.
Person 1:"Yo, see that dude over there? That's a Alwin. He's dope as shit!"

Person 2:"Oh he sure looks like a Alwin! I'd hit him all night for the rest of my life if he would be such a kind and loving individual!"

Alwin: "I sure appreciate that compliment you beautiful being! May I ask you if you'd like to consume some marijuana?"
by SurpremelySmokeyPotatoTowel January 26, 2017
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A charismatic, sexy boi who always gets what he wants and helps other
he is an Alwin
by ItzSTriker June 1, 2020
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