1) Dodge
2) Duck
3) Dip
4) Dive
5) Dodge
remember the 5 D's of dodgeball!
thats the key to victory
by Ja-Ballah May 10, 2008
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Shorthand for giving something a five-star rating, usually typed through chatrooms.
Person 1: hey check out my new ytmnd, man.
Person 2: Awesomeness. Totally 5*d.
Person 1: thanks dude. :)
by Yams August 29, 2007
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A term used to describe a wholehearted effort to avoid someone/something.

Comes from the movie Dodgeball where the '5 D's of dodgeball' are:
1. dodge
2. duck
3. dip
4. dive
5. dodge
1. I tried to pull the 5 d's on paul, but he noticed me before i could reach the door.

2. That fucking shyst tried to pull the 5 d's before paying me back.
by qwerqwerqwerqwerqwre September 05, 2009
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The total and utter destruction of any object or person, by any means, but predominantly with shit, vomit or both.

Developed from the numerical scale for describing damage to aircraft. Cat (category) 1 being very minor damage, Cat 4 being written off/scrapped. So Cat 5 would be reduced to dust!

For instance if you entered a toilet that was pristinely clean, but you left it looking like the toilet from Trainspotting you’d have Cat 5’d it.

When the bride to be on a hen do necks 3 bottles of Lidl’s Prosecco before leaving the house and then heaves in the garden she Cat 5’d herself in the pre-game.
Jesus Christ Steve did you just Cat 5 trap 2 with last night’s prawn balti?

Hold on babes, I think I just Cat 5’d my thong playing fart or shart.

Did you see Chantelle last night, she Cat 5’d herself on hooch before they got to the club and ended up rubbing her minge on the high street bus stop!
by Careless Winsper September 15, 2019
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When something or someone has gone lost or cannot be found.
The invitation must have patrol 5'd on its way to you.

John didn't make the flight. He got patrol 5'd
by boerseun89 January 10, 2022
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Having a clear conscious and a strong since of self awareness. Moving or operating in a realm where you are able to move back and forth through time & space. Actively using your creation & imagination abilitys to change the world around you.
Today I work up with a 5-D State Of Mind so nothing you say or do can effect me.
by Terrance Morgan May 27, 2013
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When beaten in a first to 5 games in super smash bros which usually results in the crying of the person beaten.
by MrLucid December 17, 2015
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