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An exclusionist is someone who believes that cishet(both cis and hetero) asexual and aromantic people are not LGBT, due to the fact that they do not experience same gender attraction and are cis.

The LGBT community is a community where those who experience transphobia, nbphobia and homophobia fight systemic oppression and bad public perception, neither of which cishet aces, cishet aros, or cis aroaces experience.
Those darn exclusionists, wanting to keep cishets out of LGBT safe spaces!
by sapphicgfs July 21, 2018
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A lifestyle of exclusion. Someone who is exclusionist is vegan, straightedge, and celibate, among others.
-Is that girl an exclusionist?

-Yeah, she doesn't eat animals or drink or fuck people!
by bovinelawyer September 21, 2013
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