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shortened version of "regular"; can be used in conjuction with whatev
-Oh how's your sloppy joe?
-Eh, reg.

-Do you wanna go to this party?
-Whatev, it's totally reg.
by kacky January 31, 2005
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the Italian word for "peace"

used as a greeting or farewell

most often accompanied with the visual peace sign made with the index and middle finger being the only extended
-*walks into a room" Pace.

-Bye. Love you.
- Love you. Pace.

by kacky October 12, 2005
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adj. - Something that is annoying, obnoxious, frustrating, or irritating to an alarming degree; most effectively used simply as an exclamation.
- "Steve Irwin was killed by a sting ray."
- "Buggy!"
by kacky September 19, 2006
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Swedish word meaning "everyone"; an extremely effective way to announce your arrival.
Heyd'all! Hey allioopa! Hi guys!
by kacky January 29, 2006
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refers to a young woman who, in her attempt to preserve her virginity, will participate in anal sexual intercourse, but still refrains from conventional intercourse.
Catholic girl: "I won't give it up, but I'll take it up, Catholic girl stizz."
by kacky October 28, 2005
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