A bunch of close friends who hang out together & shenanigans always ensue.
Hey, The posse is having a posse party this weekend. You should go, it'll be so much fun!
by Starchylde June 4, 2016
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your crew, your hommies, a group of friends, people who may or may not have your back
me an' my posse gonna hang tonite
by jambe foukuinox March 6, 2003
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A mixture of "Poggers" and "Boss". Used by awesome people only. If you haven't heard it, you probably aren't awesome.
Him: Hey bro did you break your arm last week?
Me: Yeah
Him: That's Poss
by poss beast January 16, 2021
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Your crew, gang, set, team or group of friends.
"Hey fool, you ain't nothing without your posse."
by Diego July 4, 2003
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Originally, a group of people (especially in the Old West) banded together for purposes of law enforement (and harassing Indians). From <i>posse comitatus</i>, Latin for "power of the county". Posse Comitatus is also the name of various white supremacist organizations that have appeared in the US over the years.
He's got the posse after him because he killed a man.
by LudwigVan December 12, 2003
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A group of immensely cool people, who often have a few tag alongs who aren't as cool and sometimes have their own sidekicks, like ulrik, or Gandhi. The main difference between The Posse and a Posse is that anyone can be a part of a posse, where entry to The Posse is limited.
Guy 1: Dude, I'm in the posse!
Guy 2: Me too man!
Guy 3: Damnit, the posse turned me down. I always wanted myself an ulrik.
Person 1 : I heard the posse are coming to america
Person 2 : Really omg!? wow imma go see them
Person 3 : i dont have a moustache so i cant go :(
Person 4 : i bought the blow up ulrik last friday
by ulriksman June 1, 2010
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Your homies, your peeps, the gang of friends you hang out with that make you powerful.
Yo I is here with the Princess of the Posse on my left.
by GuidoPosse69 February 6, 2005
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