The ash from when you think there is one more hit but it’s out.
Once he lit that bong, I knew he hit the graveyard.
by Floyd.amf July 29, 2018
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A word used to describe someone’s mouth after it has had cum in it. His/Her mouth has just killed all of his kids aka his sperm.
Friend: Did you kiss her after she gave you head?
Him: No man her mouth was a total graveyard.
Friend: What do you mean????
Him: She killed all my kids!!
Friend: Oh, I get ya man...
by Cunt Daddy April 22, 2020
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Soft drink made by mixing of all the different kinds of sodas at the fountain. Also see: jersey turnpike
My obsession with mixed drinks springs from drinking graveyards as a kid.
by kapoleon October 13, 2004
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A cig with no more than two drags left, that has been scrounged from an ashtray.
Deemer: Yo Weiksner, grab me a lighter and a couple graveyards. I'm too hammered to drive to sheetz.
by Deemer February 4, 2014
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A graveyard is your collection of alcohol bottles. Most college apartments have an alcohol bottle graveyard.
Our graveyard has grown so much since the tailgate, we gained 2 pink Whitney bottles!
by Sydjuly October 28, 2020
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i'm doing/working graveyard, meaning, i'm working night shift this month as a security guard.
by themarcuscreature February 13, 2005
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A small plate or bow given to you by a bar or restaurant for the sole purpose if discarding unwanted food parts such as chicken bones or lobster shells
Yo Jeff pass me the graveyard my plate is overflowing with chicken bones
by HairDaJanitor September 24, 2017
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