A dress that is Blue and Black, NOT white and gold. Not that it fucking matters. Maybe your eyes would perceive the dress as being white and gold if you are color blind or if your eyes are adjusting from bright to dark settings or if you mess around with its colors in an image editor just to be a dick. But the point is, people are homeless and starving and football players beat their girlfriends and ISIS beheads people, so who fucking cares about hash-tag the dress.
7 Ways the Internet Click-Baited Me Into Looking at The Dress--Number 4 Will Blow Your Mind!
by Noaa February 27, 2015
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It is said that somewhere in the universe, exists a dress so perfect that when you try it on, you automatically reach enlightenment. It perfectly higlights your curves, lengthens your legs flattens your tummy and makes you look "trendy yet sophisticated" from the moment you put it on. after you find the dress, good luck follows you wherever you go and you will probably marry a rich doctor. Right now, the dress is just an urban legand but you never know, right now as you read this "The Dress" might be hiding inside some store waiting for a lucky woman to find it.
Betty: "I heard that Lauren married a rich doctor and moved to L.A. and is now the fasion editor for Elle magazine!"

Clare:"Yeah, she found The Dress."

Betty:"...ooh lucky bitch!"
by Alli!~! May 31, 2007
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A dress that was posted to Facebook by a woman and her friend. The lighting in the particular picture made it appear to some to be white and gold, but to others black and blue. All the women's friends disagreed about the color and eventually it became a huge meme. The actual color of the dress it black and blue (it is a fact look it up)
Sally: What color do you think the dress is?
Jenny: It is totally blue and black, look the model who wore it confirmed it!
Sally: No way, the dress is gold and white, it says so on the news!
by nanodesu1234 February 28, 2015
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The dress that some people say is white and gold and some people say is blue and black until they annoy that crap out of each other and declare war against humanity.
by Justawesome May 05, 2016
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