1) For one's head to explode/implode under extreme mental pressure.
2) To be amazed at something amazing.
ex: "Lower your cerebral pants cause I'm gonna Blow Your Mind!"
by D3V1LxDawg February 4, 2009
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It's like, you know, so far out that it's in, and so like, in, you know, that it's so far out! Can you dig it? Like, it's so hot that it's cool, and it's so cool that it's hot! It like, makes you like to say like. I mean, try it, you'll like it, man!
Hey, did you ever like, blow your mind, man? It'so groovy! No way, man, you don't gotta get stoned to blow your mind. Just look at your hand, will you? No, I mean like really look at it. Like, you know it's been on your arm since forever, but you never really look at it. Check it out! It's so far out that it's like, groovy man!
by Downstrike October 16, 2004
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That feeling when you eat something so amazing and desquishious that your tastebuds can't comprehend what's happening. Mind blown… but in your mouth. The act of your mouth exploding after a bite of My/Mochi Ice Cream.
Ice cream is cool and all…but there’s just something about chewing your ice cream that can Blow Your Mouth's Mind.
by wakemeuplater April 9, 2021
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