1. The act of ejaculating in a woman's face; usually unexpected.

2. Used figuratively to express victory. Usually used in conjunction with an adjective. See The Proverbial Champ
Zac: i'm most likely going to give stacia the champ

Luke: The champ? Is that when you cum on her face?

Zac: i wouldnt do that to her

Luke: i know, but i'm going to call it "the champ" from now on

Person 1: Man, I really gave Jen the champ in an argument about abortion.

Person 2: The Proverbial Champ?

Person 1: No, just the regular champ.
by DesPERRYado November 2, 2004
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A Champ Champ is an individual who has held multiple championships in a sports league at the same time.
“Conor McGregor won the 155 belt! Doesn’t he already have the 145 belt?”
“Yeah dude, he’s the Champ Champ now!”

Becky Lynch beat Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s Belt at Wrestlemania!”
“Wow, she was already the Smackdown Women’s Champ! Now The Man is a real Champ Champ!”
by Kahnny April 8, 2019
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what your dad calls you when he forgets your name
Hey there, uhhh, ummmm, champ!
by sgt.lt. May 25, 2013
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A word utilised to describe someone who you believe is less superior than your overall ego. Common within the boundaries of cricket and constantly used a sledging term to rev up the opposition or if at grade training session on a Thursday arvo at approximately 5:30pm, can be used an overpowered piece of banter to end the civil communication of that annoying train on squad member who runs his mouth all day long but in reality is lucky be considered a look in the starting 11 for fifths. Champ can also be substituted with the term chief if it is used on too many occasions.
How ya going CHAMP

Yeah good work CHAMP

Can you please do the covers... CHAMP/CHIEF
by Fine_leg_to_fine_leg_chief September 20, 2018
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to remove the inner "cancer paper" of a middleton black and mild cigar and reroll it without the "cancer paper".
by blacksabbath June 28, 2005
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To be called a champ in a mocking or condescending way.
A) (trips over own feet)
B) Ya rite champ? Havin a win r ya?
A) (gets up after tripping over) Damn - that dude just champed me! Asshole!
by markuz June 27, 2005
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Short for champion, first place, winner, the best!
Dee: hey, you see Daniel?

jazz: yea, what about him?
Dee: He is the BEST! Always makes me smile :). He's such a champ!
by Delegend January 7, 2015
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