Someone who is ‘The boost’ is the life of the party. They always give out positive energy and make everything more fun and exciting. Everybody loves to be around them. Being called ‘The boost’ is a huge compliment.
Did you see Marcus at the party last night? He really is the boost
by 4388bai August 27, 2020
The boost is a term used to describe the placement of your finger in a womans anus just before she reaches orgasm. The boost makes her go crazy!
The boost is a finger in her ass just before she cums!
by rwr October 30, 2007
A Nickname for a Person usually Ages 10-13 Who is in 4-7th grade who has the Urge to fart in every class. These people commonly say excuse me afterwards to cover it up.
Bro look at Boost Boost (jack) over there.
Boost Boost is so annoying ngl.
by Tomskiwasnothereomar September 17, 2022
In competitive gaming, namely League of Legends, a word describing a player who has had a player log into his or her account and raised the rank of the account.
All xriven master 69x (Riven): this adc is fucking boosted
To steal retail items and resell them on the black market.
Women/Men selling knockoff purses in the street are boosting.
by Goe August 9, 2015
Louisiana Slang

To hype something and make it more than what it really is.
See he boosting bad, it’s not even that serious.
by Brebandz October 31, 2019
Boostes: That player boostes my squad!

Past tense: boostesed: He boostesed my squad!
by Tai Kaliso February 16, 2019