The level of stunning a person is when dressed up, usually based on positive contrast to daily appearance. A very good looking woman who dresses very nicely every day can have a low wow factor as there is no great contrast between how she looks for a special occasion and on a daily basis. A girl who normally dresses in a boyish or sloppy manner however will, when groomed, usually have a high wow factor because of the contrast to how she usually looks

The wow factor is often at play in teen movies where makeovers are involved.
"Did you see Miranda? They got her out of her baggy pants and combat boots and made her wear makeup, hot damn that's really the wow factor at work."
by Thepeacockangel February 6, 2009
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A set of properties belonging to an object that pleasantly surprise a watcher. From commercials to cool electronics, the wow factor is an important thing to consider when designing it.
The IBM computers in middle 90's had a certain degree of the 'wow factor' to them. Sadly enough, their users weren't mostly able to recognize it.
by Zdenek December 30, 2005
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The distinctive appeal that an object, behavior or person has on others.
An impressive display brought on by a certain object, behavior or person.
I really like the Toyota Prius because of the fuel efficiency but the BMW has a bigger Wow Factor.
Did you see how she walked into the room ? What a Wow Factor.
by Jude Pierre June 16, 2008
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An important aspect of experience design which can be applied in a variety of contexts and applications depending on the event concerned and the required outcome. In events, the "wow" factor refers to an impressive and impactful element of the design which is used by the designer to reinforce particular aspects of the attendant's experience, usually resulting in particular sensory stimulation (visual, auditory, etc) which can be used to facilitate memory formation and retention afterwards. Whilst popularly thought to require originality in creativity, the wow factor is usually produced using cues familiar to its receivers.
Bill: Wow, look at those fireworks dude, they are really special.

Ben: Wow, yeah dude. They really add the wow factor. Totally fucking unforgettable.
by The Gonzo Lecture March 5, 2010
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characterizes an intense reaction by observer during a presentation of an impressive functional design in technology products, e.g. software, hardware; a reaction to an outstanding feature or function that offers substantial productivity boost, ease of use, simplified, or streamlined elements; literally, “Wow” is uttered by observers of demonstration.
Even early in personal computing, when Steve Jobs demonstrated Apple personal computers the audience was entranced by the 'wow factor'.
by Urban_scribe April 8, 2011
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When someone does something unexpectedly you would not think they would. It wows you. It is a "wow factor."

When expressing astonishment for something; that something must have a wow factor because it wow'ed you.

Can be used in place of "wow" to give a more casual and dry feel, however cannot be used sarcastically to the extent of "wow."
Casey: "It's going to be a good night!"

Amy: "I know right! Did you know that Jon will be meeting us too!"

Casey: "Wow factor."

**Jon never joins them**
by N9neEyez March 30, 2018
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Put simply, the wow factor is when a guy is really skinny and it makes his dick appear larger than it really is.
Saw Kevin Durant playing in the Nets game last night - that dude has the wow factor for sure.
by scalereaux April 15, 2022
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