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The name of the 1980's dance often performed to hip hop / rap songs where you stand with your legs still and start to worm your upper body forward and then up and down.

note: many Italian Americans teens were severely scolded doing the "WOP" in the 1980's for participating in such a dance because the name "WOP" is also a word to negatively describe an Italian American. True story!
Doing the Wop...mercy, mercy.
by Ol' Skool Cool December 01, 2011
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J. Dash and Fleezy's gift to all of humanity. The Wop is a dance known only by the most elite of dancers. But it is not just a dance. Wopping is a way of life. Wopping is a habit. The most talented Woppers can be found at Syracuse University.. or on YouTube. Look it up.
The Wop is the reason I wake up in the morning. Let me see ya wop w-w-w-w-wop, w-w-w-w-wop wop wop wop.
by sasyracuse October 18, 2010
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