The hour between 3am and 4am when the barrier between the physical realm and the spiritual realm is the thinnest, which makes it easier for beings such as Angels, Ghosts and Demons to enter into the physical realm.
"John you're not going to believe this...I woke up during the witching hour last night and when I looked around I could have sworn I saw something standing in the corner of my room watching me".
by Justin Lewis21 December 27, 2018
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(n.) A time deep into the evening. Usu. midnight.
(1)Markus was out drinking into the witching hour last night. (2)They say the Dark Horseman only comes during witching hours.
by Smkngmgc July 20, 2004
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(n.) A time when almost nobody has any reason to be out. These times usually occur at night, but may happen at any time, depending on the day. It's like the doldrums of the day.
Examples of witching hours include:
2 P.M. (Workers have eaten lunch already, schoolchildren haven't been let out yet, and cutters get bored and go home.)

3 A.M. (Parties have ended, most people have either picked up a girl and are riding the night out or have gone home.)
5 P.M on sunday (Nobody is coming back from work, but everything is closed, and schoolchildren are finishing their homework.)
by sundayssuck June 9, 2009
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The hour right after the bar closes, during which time the fuzz will pull you over for any reason, or no reason at all just to see if you're intoxicated.
Roy might not have gotten a DUI, except he drove during the witching hour
by recognize1337 April 28, 2009
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The time between the end of a tv show and the beginning of the next. This occurs either on the hour or the half hour. It is the void that can give a zen-like state when the outcome can be good, bad, or neither...the commercials become enlightening.
The Geico commercial during the witching hour seemed funnier, but I think I was bored. Im not sure though.
by Greg Sherman September 27, 2007
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A period of relative calm, during which a person or people undergo a significant mood change, usually for the worse. The witching hour is NOT a time of violence, it is the calm that precedes the storm.
When my parents called on the phone to ask where I was they sounded really calm and friendly. But as I drove home I knew that soon the precious time of witching hour would pass.

After her boyfriend, left Caroline sat down and brooded over his insensitive remarks. Little did Mike knew as he drove away that the witching hour hung over him.
by ByronGman October 17, 2006
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The time in the day from when you're trying to cook dinner until the children go to bed.... where they are complete arseholes and need your constant attention for fuck all...
(On The Phone)

Husband: Hey babe, you ok?
Frustrated Wife: No! Its the witching hours!
by Lady Regina Flange November 10, 2018
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