The unseen force …

All along …

Mediate state .. needed after an ..

Err … eventful week …

The wind in its almighty fury

Tearing .. literally tearing off parts of the fence …

Made tougher by the ivy holding it together..

The wind gets fiercer as I drift back into the world ..

Only feet from my little cave …

Would you like an axe I say in astonished disbelief

The manifested wind in a female form .. dog walker .. 6 times a day minimum … usually stops at the same spot … sly glances … usually promotes the shutter effect .. and she knows ..

The games we play …

It’s your fence cries back at the wind ..

Yes and your breaking it

It’s your fence

Oh yes like all the others .. all mine … all mysteriously breaking

It’s weird though … The wind .. it spent the entire last summer in only corner of a garden with a hole … strangely with the best angle and only angle to see all the way! Down my garden …

The wind …

A particularly evil form of energy …

Steeped in hate

Walks off with no answer to being caught totally surprised finishing the ongoing fence job …

I have no words left …

Oh actually I now have plenty …

Hymm I am you will be absolutely loving the new source material

And I know like me…

You are sick of the fuckery that surrounds us

lol or maybe you were sick of me .. either way it’s the 3 headed serpent that refuses to die …

Bestie .. Queen of snakes ?
The Wind .. in the gallows

This is not a fairytale
by LetsTalkAboutX January 14, 2023
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Where's your boyftiend?

I dunno, in the wind
by F.J. October 29, 2006
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Once he heard popo had a warrant on him, he was in the wind.
by katchoo June 28, 2006
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Out of breath.
#1: I just got back from the gym, man. I am so winded.

#2: I see that, can I get you some water?

#1: Yeah, that should help me catch my breath.
by Octo Dad March 27, 2010
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The third element used to summon Captain Planet.


By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!
by Captain Planet Summoner January 27, 2005
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Breathing hard, and having a shortness of breath after hitting a vape that contains a high nicotine content.
After hitting Brad’s Juul In Mr. Smith’s Class I was winded af.
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 3, 2019
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1. To be out of physical shape or not in good condition. To feel light-headed and slight pain.
e.g He got winded from that punch

2. A way of dancing

3. A fart
e.g He broke wind

4. A rush of air created by warm air rising and cold air rushing in to takes its place.

5.To use a twisting motion which in turn has a wheel used as a simple machine in order to achieve some task which prepares the object containing the object to be twisted.

e.g I'm going to wind up the toy.
by Alan February 4, 2004
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