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A small private boarding school in Claremont California where the majority of your tuition goes to inane things like golf carts, pointless swivel-chair desks, and unnecessary fancy Porta Potties. A place with selling points like the Alf Museum to mask the amount of stress/pressure students face. A place where literally everyone has a leadership role to get into a good college, but who are we kidding, only like 2 people get into the Ivy League schools. A place with decent food, if you like chicken. A place that believes in second chances until you bring alcohol or drugs into the mix. A place that prides itself on being a school of diversity, when in reality, all the faculty are white and the students are ‘diverse’ if you count the 1000 asian races. A place that claims to believe in stress & mental health, but just rents boba trucks until people stop talking about it. A place that has breaks every six weeks to avoid burn-out potential. A place where everyone hooks up when they can find time. A place where kids are forced to mature extremely quickly because otherwise there is no possible way of keeping up with the 6 hrs of hw per night. A place where getting A's is celebrated, but a B is failing. Where the average ACT score is a 31 because everyone secretly hires Test Prep Gurus. A place that only voices liberal opinions but claims to represent all political beliefs. A place where you'll find the best and worst people you'll ever meet. Oh and did I mention, no one sleeps?
college admissions officer 1: "So this student's record looks great... except they got a suspension once for taking an Uber?!"

college admissions officer 2: "They must be from The Webb Schools!"

college admissions officer 1: "Yikes, his ACT score is a 29 and he took only 6 AP's... Let's wait-list him!"
by BSboiii April 10, 2017
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