A New Zealand chain store, somewhat of an icon. Also known as the 'Red Shed'

The catch-phrase is "Where everyone gets a bargain." Maybe not in every case... but you can find some pretty good cheap stuff.

The price of EVERYTHING instore ends in '99' for some straaange reason.
"Lets go to The Warehouse... they're having a $5.99 clothing clearance sale"
by KeeWee January 12, 2005
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awesome, cool, phat, huge

tear up, destroy, dominate
"Man, that candy apple paint job is warehouse!"

"I'm gonna warehouse all over that team!"
by undercover7 September 06, 2007
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To store not-yet-drunk beer or other alcohol on the side during a drinking game, as opposed to actually drinking it. An extremely bitch move, if not illegal by state and/or federal legislation.
After Grilled Cheese won the beirut tournament, his trophy was taken away when Bobby pointed out that he had warehoused enough beer to feed a family of four for a week.
by Nick D October 24, 2004
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A mental institution. The term was inspired by the sad state of the mental health "industry" in the United states.
The lawyer closed his briefcase, and sighed. "90 days in the warehouse for Billy, and then back onto the streets he goes, with a month's worth of thorazine and $100, courtesy of the state."
by Rod Brock July 27, 2006
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The place where nudes are stored; Spank Bank; Orgy of the phone
I have 159 pictures and 2 videos in the warehouse, Hit me up if you want to swap
by Phat_Ballllllz January 25, 2017
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When someone, presumably a coworker at any type of logistics, warehouse, or production facility, has left their desk to use the bathroom, and as soon as they clear the room get a phone call. Such-and-such is "In the warehouse" is a more polite way of saying that they are away from their desk, in the bathroom, and can't come to the phone. May also be given as an excuse for any absence from ones desk or work in general, even if the person giving the excuse has no idea where said person is.
"Hello, can I please speak with Ian?"
"Unfortunately he's in the warehouse right now, can I take a message?"
by Nico Corrigan December 06, 2007
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