When someone has done something that everyone doesn't find fuuny; And/or when someone does something everyone else doesn't like.

It can also be used to describe your feeling about someone else. If someone hears the phrase 'Murd' often, they are probably Murd.

'Derived from the term 'You Murdered It'
"Dan, your absolutely Murd!"

"Fuck letting fly come over... He's Murd."

"This film is Murd, put shottas back on."
by Squar3one August 21, 2008
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Country music’s best couple.

Maren Morris

+ Ryan Hurd

Have a murd day! Eat, sleep, murd! Have you seen what murd posted on their insta story?! Oh Boy, i love murd!
by DiamondsOr#Murd August 17, 2018
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A made up word of any type which can result from the combination of two or more words or can be a made up word in its own right. Murd itself is a made up word. Or Murd.
The murd Spanglish has been used to describe a combination of the English language and Spanish.
by Diamondgeezer October 23, 2014
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one of the best Hg2 players ever to grace the game. He excelled at VHAC
and pwned his arch rivial Wufei.
he is too damn good and sexy
by Murd January 14, 2004
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