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A medical conspiracy theory that Covid-19 pandemic deaths are greatly exaggerated and may not be reported accurately. Some may minimize the loss of life of the old and sick who had little life left to live . The same people may also note that it only a few percent are vulnerable and that it disproportionately impacts minorities.
While the concept of virus trutherism is held together by a minimal amount of evidence, the idea is held by a vocal group with a high amount of fire power.
by mlhiss May 15, 2020
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In addition to being used as a defence mechanism against Pro Trump supporters for telling anti- Trumpers that they have “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” it is far worse than Covid 19, in that there is no known cure for it except using group intervention, deprogramming via electro shock therapy and as a last resort, full frontal labotomy.
Ruby Ellers got called out by her ex-BF Angie Walz as having been infected with Trump 16 Mad Cow Virus after Ruby told Angie that she’s got Trump Derangement Syndrome. Angie & her friends had tried group intervention, but to no avail. So now Angie & her friends are hoping to have Ruby deprogrammed via electro shock therapy. If this doesn’t work, then Angie will call the men in white coats to take poor Ruby away and having Nurse Ratchet and her fellow neurosurgeons perform a full frontal labotomy instead.
by Sanity Crusader August 6, 2022
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Any Pro-Trump supporters who use the term “Trump Derangement Syndrome to attack anyone who is anti-Trump.
Ruby got called out for having Trump 16 Mad Cow Virus by her friend ,Becky ,after Ruby said that she had Trump Derangement Syndrome .
by Sanity Crusader August 6, 2022
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A virus created by Umbrella Corp, a pharmaceutical company that used it as a bio weapon. The T virus is not a virus, rather a strain of virus. It was heavily “upgraded” to make more resistant hosts.

The T virus infects a human in one of these few ways:
1) bitten by an infected host
2) getting stabbed, scratched, cut, sliced,etc.
3) some doctor decides to inject you with it
The T-virus outbreak started in raccoon city in their sewage treatment plant where infected rats infected the rural citizens which spread to a massive outbreak.
1 in a million people had a chance of turning into a “tyrant”. A tyrant was a big and strong version of the normal zombie. There are many types of zombies, the common ones include:

1)lickers: disgusting creatures that don’t have skin and an unusually long tongue
2)hunters: usually mistaken for a zombie but more animal-ish. The hunters were used to hunt survivors with immunity to the T-virus or a capable host to turn into a tyrant.
3)crimson heads: these zombies have a rather crimson skin tone due to their heart pumping blood extremely fast.

Zombies variations were not always human, there are some “dog-zombies”.
Survivor: a zombie just scratched me! What gonna happen to me now!

Smart survivor: You got infected by a T-VIRUS host. The virus will start infecting your cells and slowly infect your brain. You won’t die, you won’t be undead, even if your brain dies or your heart stops, you will continue living. Depending on which T-Virus host bit you, you will transform into that.

Survivor: what?

Smart survivor: Nigga you gon’ Turn to zombie and eat brains so I gotta shot your head.

Survivor: oh
by Duckyfy21 August 12, 2019
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When a popular website is remade with a slightly different name, you accidentally go to that fake website, it can give you a virus. thus the name, typo virus.

-- one of these websites is a remake of a popular search engine. just by mistyping google you can get a virus. dont worry, is not a virus, just someone trying to make a popular website.
Yesterday i got a typo virus by forgetting to type the second "g" in google, now i have to pay to get that fixed.
by almightynino March 15, 2016
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this is when someone has the worst strand of HIV virus and The worst kind of Cancer and it mutates giving everyone this horrible as sexual disease on steroids because of cancer cells.. pandemic killing entire of continents in less than a day and that and its so hard to get rid of basically destroyed the entire mars life planet in one day. which is now a barren waste land worst than any desert. even our deserts has cactus . this nothing but dead life dead planet. no source of life anywhere on mars now. and now its starting to rise on earth....mars a way bigger planet than earth we live on....
This Tyrant Virus is going to way worst than its weak counterpart from mars. the HIV and cancer on earth is far more deadly.
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When someone constantly makes jokes upon jokes and goes on a joking-spree, leaving you with no time to breathe and nearly dying because of it.
Stop it man, you're giving me the Tys virus! You're killing me, please stop!
by Tobi_Or_Not_Tobi March 7, 2017
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