When you think you have to shit, but it turns out to just be gas.
I had a bad case of the Trumps today; it was all fake poos.
by PluploaderSteve November 9, 2017
Basically the two options of an immigrant to get fucked by the orange species of human kind, aka. Trumpinator:
1. Getting banned
2. Marring him

Either way you're screwed.
Greg: Dude why tf is Melania Trump still married to this scumbag?
Paul: Man, it's trumped or trumped

Rip af Melina
by HugeCockLittleBrainAndy February 1, 2017
"My children are geniuses, college trophy kids." "Why does he always Trump it?"
by DollieLlama January 6, 2017
trump it
Pull a fact out of your ass.
So, did you actually research those assumptions, or did you trump it?
(noun)the Japanese word for playing cards. Used either by Wapanese speakers or in Japan.
wapanese_nerd: wanna come over and play trump?
inuyasha9182:sure! i've got new naruto based cards
by Saraiyu June 21, 2007
A word said during a poker game implying you have a winning hand or to show another player their hand trumps someone else's

Kinda a bragging word used among friends at the poker table
Hey dude ur poker hand Trumps his cards because ur 4 of a kind is higher than his 4 of a kind
by PRETTY IN COPPER January 31, 2017
Defrauded, duped - fooled to believe a person when in fact they are using the person for their own personal gain
by mikielikesit December 3, 2016