A specific cocktail made of Sailor Jerry's rum and Dr. Pepper. This elusive drink can rarely be found in bars, adding to its mystery and power.

Those who have drank The Trick have found true happiness, wisdom and truth.

The Trick should always be talked about in hushed tones and with shifty eyes
Uhm.. I've heard. Quote, Unquote. Rum.. with Dr. Pepper. Sailor Jerry's specifically. It uh.. does The Trick.
by arrow.69 August 24, 2010
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When a guy flaps his balls up and down between his legs, followed by him catching them on the underside of his legs.
by BrandonC1 December 15, 2008
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Usually done by an extremely strange male. The reaching of the hand through the jacket so as not to be seen, and poking a finger out through the fly. The person then grabs other male friends with, making them jump and look at him in disgust.
Cameron walked up behind Wade and did The Trick, causing Wade to jump at least a mile in the air and look upon his friend as needing psychotherapy.
by thrashwolf666 November 21, 2010
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When someone attemps or has recently cheated you out of something (money, favors, clothes, etc) or cheated on you, or is trying to be sneaky and underhanded behind your back, and you find out either before the act is done or right after the act is done. You then rectify the situation immediatley or set it up where you will get payback in a major way later. Can be as small as someone snitching on you at the job or giving you a sob story to borrow money for something important that reaaly isn't, to your mate cheating on you or someone setting you up to be arrested or robbed
Fred: Hey Martin. you goin to the show on Saturday?

Martin:I just gave Lee Lee $250.00 to pay her gas bill so the kids can stay warm

Fred: WHAT!!!??? That bitch went to Atlantic City to spend the weekend with the girls. She was broke but told my girl she was gonna get the money by hook or by crook.

Martin: Oh for real!!! I gotta trick for a trick. She left her food stamp card with $350.00 on it. It's all mine!!

Eddie: Yo G, Marvin snitched to the boss how you managers come in late when you open. Boss said he was gonna dock ya'll 10 hours for the week!

G: Ok!! I gotta trick for a trick. I'ma send that ass home tomorrow soon as he come in!
by MJ Wright February 14, 2010
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1.noun. A person who spends money on gratifying their sexual impulses and/or pleasures. 2.adjective. The word has the ability to describe a person or an action. 3. verb (to trick/trickin'/trickin'off)The act of splurging or spending cash on fulfilling one's sexual desires.
A trick is known by the prostitutes for giving them things of value in exchange for some form of being in their presence. P.s., it's stil trickin', even if you got it!
by Heiress Reigns October 16, 2008
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1. Any man who lets women use him for his wallet. It comes from the term prostitutes use to describe the men who pay them for sex.

2. Any punk or fool who acts as bitch made as a trick does

3. A woman who acts like a tease or tries to make men into tricks or even any slut

1. "Andre's girlfriend makes him buy her jewlery every weekend!"
"Wow, that guy's a major-ass trick!"

2. "That trick stepped to a kid half his size and got knocked out yesterday."

3. "Don't waste your time with that girl, man, she's a straight up trick."
by supamanhoez_29 November 24, 2009
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A trick is what whores do for money.

Not to be confused with illusion
They're not tricks, Michael! They're illusions!
by BillieJeanIsNotMyLover April 14, 2018
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