A crime ridden area or hood known for its crimes and violence.
by Platano Power November 21, 2016
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A really poor type of neighborhood where everyday you would see people die out in the street or sidewalk. Wherever in that neighborhood, sadly Polo G came from this type of neighborhood. Trenches is also a dangerous neighborhood and a lot is found in Chicago, IL.
Polo G: You talkin like you live that shit but I'm really from the trenches
by vertfromdao June 17, 2021
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To have been through a lot together with someone. Specially through hard times.
War analogy
a - That was tough!
b - Yeah, we can say we've been in the trenches together!
by vera eikon October 4, 2013
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Trenched is the feeling of absolute body shutdown, after you have been intoxicated. it is the feeling that you can not even move and have reached your max, intoxication. This feeling will be followed by fatigue and loss of short term memory.

After taking a hit of salvia Matt lays on the ground and repeats " I'm Trenched", unable to get up.
by Blowfro October 15, 2008
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Another word for faded. After feeling the effects of marijuana, one might feel tired and just want to sleep. One would feel extreme sluggishness. Also means being not high anymore
Person 1: Woah, that green was so dank! I love smoking it.
Person 2: Yeah, but I was so trenched from it after!
Person 1: That sucks
by lalapalooza67 December 1, 2010
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