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A stupid person; it refers to the lack of surface area on an individual's brain. The general thought is that the more surface area (wrinkles, creases, etc.) a brain has, the smarter the person is. Conversely, a person with a smooth brain (no wrinkles) has less surface area and would therefore be stupid.
That fucking smooth brain put his shirt on backwards again...

That smooth brain is dumber than a pile of shit.
by Tip Tank May 14, 2011
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A term coined by Derek Bell of the Toronto Blue Jays during the 1992 World Series defining ones reserves or bench players as super fans or cheerleaders, supporting their teammates to the fullest extent from the front or rails of the dugout.

Occasionally, members of said trenches are called upon to perform the duties of the starting players and contribute to their fullest extent.
"we don't sit on benches, we ride the trenches."
by dbell92 April 07, 2009
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Highly anticipated album from Twenty One Pilots, after Tyler Joseph, lead singer, took a year long bath with his Pet Cheetah.
What's your favourite album?

Me: Oh by Far Trench
by Irishcliquee November 03, 2018
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Refers to the area in a vape where the marijuana is placed.
Hey, lets go vape a trench.

Dude, I just vaped so many trenches. I am schmacked.
by calikushmonster December 03, 2011
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A title given to a female whose genitilia meet most or all of the following criteria:

1)wide and/or large
2)beat up and bruised from constant bombardment
3)usually inhabited by more than one man at a time
4)un-sanitary and diseased

Dude #1:Hey, I heard Joe climbed into The Trench last night.
Dude #2:Yea; poor guy will never be the same again.
by !?!?!?!?!?!?!? July 05, 2008
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Oli: Dude, what the hell are you staring at?
Jacob: *drooling* YUMMMMMM.
Dani: WTF!
by xOLISAURUS January 23, 2010
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