A sickness caused by over consumption of Taylor Swift music. Symptoms include: Tears, over exuberant joy, anxiety, dizziness, shortness of breath, personality change.
May cause you to become bedridden for an undetermined amount of time. Treatments are yet to be discovered.
Sorry, can't chill, I've got The Swift
by Krispee September 13, 2010
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A totally useless trucking company that hires only retards and unskilled drivers who usually fuck up so bad that they bring shame to the trucking community.
acronyms for S.W.I.F.T
1. See What I Fucked up Today
2. Sure Wish I Finished Training
3. So What If I Fuck Toddlers
4. T.F.I.W.S that's SWIFT backwards for Two Fags In A White Semi
by Blue Koi September 15, 2013
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To be in a short and unsatisfying relationship with Taylor Swift, only to have a write an insulting song about you after you break up.
Person 1: Did you hear? Harry Styles and Taylor Swift just broke up! He's totally about to be swifted!!

Person 2: Really? I guess he's about to join the ranks of Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, and all those other poor fools who got caught in the witch's trap.

Person 1: Wow, maybe she's the problem.

Person 2: It doesn't matter to her since she gets paid for every guy she swifts
by PeePeePooPooShire January 08, 2013
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In reference to a person who is well-dressed. Saying that someone looks swift is the same as saying they look sharp, suave, or classy.
In his German-chocolate-colored suit, Leon Phelps looked swift.
by Fog City October 10, 2007
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Anyone who nonstop spam mentions a girl consistently and/or is consecutively trying to flirt with one or multiple girls.

(Usually but not always does this because they've watched too much romance anime)
John: "Hey baby girl wanna kiss me?💋"
Vanessa: "Ummmm no thanks."
Nick: "Ignore him Vanessa he is just swifting he says that to every girl."
by IYBN March 04, 2018
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Being very quick and stealth like thunder and lightning combined, if you are truely swift when u walk across water you shouldnt even touch it.
John is very swift in Combat.
by Minister May 11, 2005
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