Pertains to and when something out of your own control (or seemingly out of your own control) goes totally wrong and has negative consequences. "The Steamer" loves everyone despite everyone despising "the steamer."
Losing a sports video game at the very last second. Dropping your beer. Getting in a car accident. Pouring your cereal only to find not enough milk. Your girlfriend cheating on you. Steve McNair coming one yard shy of a superbowl victory. All of these are just some examples of "the steamer" and how it ruins our day by loving us.
by MrMaynard June 05, 2006
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Nickname given to LeBron James, small forward for the Miami Heat, paying homage to his two most memorable feats: (1) when he shit on the entire city of Cleveland by announcing on LIVE TV that he was leaving them for Miami, (2) when he choked harder than anyone has ever choked before, during the 2011 NBA Finals.
Chris: "Did you know that the Steamer STILL hasn't asked the mother of his children to marry him?"

Wade: "He says he WANTS to... he just doesn't have a ring yet."
by HoboSpider December 22, 2011
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Get that steamer away from my house before the cops roll through and pin that sh!t on me.
by Mr. lost in America February 05, 2009
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a huge, steamy and often warm poo. Often a shit taken by a construction worker.
WHOA Tommy dropped a huge steamer!
by VAN April 21, 2004
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a hot freshly laid shit that eminates heat trails most pronounced in cold weather
by scart July 11, 2003
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When one takes a dump on another person's body.
The Cleveland Steamer: Poo on the chest
The Boston Steamer: Poo on the face
by JPizzle April 11, 2004
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Taking a huge dump right before entering the shower. The steam magnifies the stench and incapacitates all those who enter afterwards.
I fired off a steamer a few hours ago and when I came back to the bathroom, there were three people lying on the ground unconscious.
by persilly March 03, 2012
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