Get that steamer away from my house before the cops roll through and pin that sh!t on me.
by Mr. lost in America February 6, 2009
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a hot freshly laid shit that eminates heat trails most pronounced in cold weather
by scart July 11, 2003
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Taking a huge dump right before entering the shower. The steam magnifies the stench and incapacitates all those who enter afterwards.
I fired off a steamer a few hours ago and when I came back to the bathroom, there were three people lying on the ground unconscious.
by persilly March 3, 2012
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Chicago slang for a stolen vehicle.
"We hop in steamers and we rollin' , hop in beamers and we Rollin..." -Lil Herb
by King Amari September 7, 2015
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When a dog lays down a fresh one during the colder months of the year. Helpful visual sign to those who would like to avoid stepping in fresh dog shit.
Otis just left a big steamer on the lawn. See it? Don't step in it. If you do, you aint coming in this house.
by Baked McBride January 1, 2010
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A word used in the Ayrshire region of Scotland to describe someone who "likes a drink"(Alcholic)

Often used by the NED population of Syrshire
that we ned is an awfi steamer
by Gillsy June 18, 2009
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