The act of Will Smith forging a copy of himself out of wrought iron or steel.
"Will Will Smith smith Will Smith? Yes Will Smith will smith Will Smith."
by owlangel December 30, 2021
1. Slapping the shit outta someone in public
2. Open relationship = Open to someone fucking his wife, but jokes
3. Not apologizing to the person
1. Someone: Jada I love you, G.I. Jane 2 can't wait to see it, alright.
You: Don't make me will smith you
2. *Slapped*
Get Will Smith'd
by S. WillSon March 28, 2022
Slap someone in front of a Crowd
Today I Will Smithed someone

He got embarrassed because he got Will Smithed
by MrMuuuuur March 28, 2022
Luke was making fun of Sal, Sal proceeded to say, “I will Will Smith You.”
by dat1italian March 29, 2022
An old English Familly name.

The name is a symbol of craftsmanship, skill, beauty and general Badassery. There has never been non badass Smith and they are the sexiest people you will ever meet. They are loyal, strong and they will always protect each other
She is so fine. She must be a Smith
by queen of kings February 7, 2017
A famous actor and rapper. He has been in several movies and his own TV Show, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Most people believe he is a better actor than rapper.
"I just flew over here from Tokyo and am travelling to South Africa on Sunday. I'm so jetlagged, sometimes I even forget to be sexy."--Will Smith
by Newbia September 19, 2004