1. Really good rapper, Miami , Getting Jiggy Wit It, Men in Black ..... you can't deny you loved those songs.
2. Sexy hot actor, too
3. Cousin to juli smith
"I love it how Will Smith never curses. He is hott."
by ploopster March 14, 2005
The unnecessary verbal or physical accosting of a individual in a situation that could of normally been resolved through proper communication.
Mike gave Joe a smithing for not wearing the proper attire during a training.
by Joe Gayfer January 6, 2013
To scam the system or do as little as possible while collecting a full paycheck. The opposite of a team player.
Can you believe how Cyle is always "smithing it" and pretending he is hurt so we do all of the work? He's as bad as that Kristina girl.
by calling them out May 13, 2020
He's a much better actor than rapper. He was an okay rapper but definitely not the greatest. No where near the greatest. I'd buy one of his cd's for my kid or my kid brother or sister or i'd use it as a dust pan, but i'd be first in line to see one of his movies.
He's basically just decent
Not good not bad
by Doc February 28, 2004
Constantly seeing teenagers write LOL makes me want to SMITH.
by Sloppy Jones January 4, 2011
Word Can Be Used For Almost Everything.
1.Last Name
2.First Name
3.Type Of Apple
1.Tanya Smith
2.Smith Newman
3. Dude, Those Smith Apples Are So Nice
4. John Is A Smith
5. Smith, Smith Smith
6. Smith,Tanya
by Venom Beast The Second July 6, 2014
his new cd lost and found is da shit. i love it and can't stop listening to it.
will smith is the best actor/ actor
by old man schmidt May 2, 2005