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Slang term for a Juul vaporizer

never get caught juulin if you call it a slug
I borrowed Gerry's slug

Toss me the slug

Let's go slug in the bathroom

Slug me!
by yatesfuckyes March 19, 2018
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A massive dump that takes 10 to 15 times to flush.
After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
by JRBIV December 11, 2019
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When a girl gets cream pied and slides her box up a guys chest and leaves a slug like residue
Hey did you have sex with Lloyd last night

yes I did but I gave him the slug after he passed out
by The sluggerz May 23, 2014
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When after sex the woman straddles the man, then slides back and forth across his lower stomach/crotch area so the cum gets smeared around, making a slimy trail and squelching sound.
Simon kept insisting on ending with a facial so i got him back by performing the slug.

I wanted to have a quickie with my girlfriend, Laura, but she slugged me so I had to shower and was late for work.
by Pseudo.Nym December 28, 2015
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Slug is an abnormal child that is overweight, slow, and mentally challenged. The appearance of slug makes little kids cry and girls puke. Slug is the biggest reason for cringes around the globe. Slug appears as to be a 6 foot tall freshly groomed garden gnome with an uneven chin strap to cover up it's hideous nonexisten jawline, and a pedo stash for tickling girls. It also has elf ears for superb hearing . Slug has 52 inch arms in diameter that can only lift their own weight... They call it slug because of the slow sluggish movement when it walks combined with it's heavy harambe arms swinging around like 2 giant gummy worms, and it's back lard consisting of 6 rolls. But don't let it's appearance fool you, the slug is no ordinary child. Slug considers itself the "poon slayer", and it also claims that it can ooze it's way inside anyone's girl. Matter of a fact, slug will use both of it's lactic glands too shoot out strawberry yogurt in your face if you threaten it under any circumstances. It's main motto is "grab her by the p***y". Slug will fornicate with anything possible since it has severe insecurity problems. Slug can do whatever it wants, whenever it wants. Slug has 2 vaginas and one penis, the penis is a mechanism for any involement of rape, and both vaginas are used for defecating. Despise it's odd reproductive systems, it will skrew anything that's in it's path. The only weakness that slug has is salt. Salt will destroy the one and only slug as we know it.
SLUG: I get all of the girls, and yours is next.

EVERYBODY: Shut your slimy pie hole, nobody likes you, you nasty slug. Now slime yourself away before I get out my table salt.

SLUG: EEEEEEKK!! not salt! I'll do anything, please don't sizzle me! 😢

EVERYBODY: Okay we won't, as long as you will now be labed "the slug" forever.
by Thedefineroftruth November 06, 2016
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