The shadow realm is the unfortunate demise of the everyday sim racer.

Anyone can be sent to the shadow realm, this is often the result of coming up against a dirty driver that likes to ram other drivers, cut corners, and/or seek unwarranted revenge through uncontained frustration.

Likewise, anyone can send another to the shadow realm, sometimes sending someone to the shadow realm is approved without wider scrutiny, even encouraged, such as wiping out a dirty driver.

What's the most embarrassing however, is sending yourself to the shadow realm. This is often achieved by unsuccessfully navigating tight chicanes such as "The Chicane Of Death" in Gran Turismo 6, or a simple lack of concentration through a difficult part of the track.

Barry R is a close relative of the shadow realm.
You know what? I've had enough of this dirty driver, time to send him into the shadow realm. *PIT manoeuvres him into the wall*

Unfortunately, that German slammed right into me into Turn 1, and unfortunately, I have yet again met my old friend, the shadow realm.

For fuck's sake. I've sent myself into the shadow realm.
by oh no! anyway... November 4, 2021
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When you are on a night out with one of your mates and they enter a state of drunkenness that they don't know where they are anymore. It can be said they have entered the shadow realm
Christ have you seen Derek he is so smashed he has entered the shadow realm.
by Simon Realm March 9, 2018
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A term used by dubbers of Yu-Gi-Oh! to substitute something violent that will happen to a duelist if they lose a duel like getting their feet chopped off.
If I lose this duel, the glass below me will explode and I will fall into the Shadow Realm.
by JoshMiller April 18, 2004
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A place you enter after getting way to high.
Man, I smoked so much, I got sent to the Shadow Realm.
by Jword6969 November 2, 2020
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The shadow realm is where the UFC fighter Francis Ngannou sends people after he beats the shit out of them.
"Jimmy is living at the shadow realm after Ngannou chopped his head off with a wild punch"
by Normal_dude April 1, 2021
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1. A place of eternal mediocrity that men are sent after they're beaten publicly and their soul/dreams/careers are destroyed forever. Usually it's televised live to millions of people. Notable members are George Masvidal and Benjamin Askren. There is no escape from the shadow realm, the resident's unfortunate demise will forever be remembered and will outshine ALL of their other life accomplishments. Travelers to the shadow realm usually get there by talking mad sh*t to their opponents and not backing it up, being forced to eat their words along with their integrity. No one will ever believe anything they say again and they will forever be doubted. Fans and supporters will mourn these fighters but eventually accept that they were never truly who they believed they were. Sad indeed RIP.
Fighter 1: I beat him any way I want, I dominate him the whole time...
Fighter 1: (shadow realm)

Fighter 2: He wasn't blessed with that manliness to where he can hurt another man with his hands, all he can do is hug...
Fighter 2: (shadow realm)
by Big_bobby April 26, 2021
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Often happens in a virtual race, especially in forza.
When you are driving in front of someone and the person behind punts you off the track into the barrier and you pretty much lose the race.
Oh, I've just been sent to the shadow realm.

I sent that guy to the shadow realm.
by Gt racist April 27, 2020
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