2 definitions by Big_bobby

1. Shot to death on a traffic stop
2. Electrocuted, especially an electric chair execution
3. A song and album by Metallica
Cop(gun drawn): Get out the car!!
Driver: What’s going on?
Cop: What’s going on is you fixin to ride the lightning son
Driver: Uhh...
by Big_bobby April 13, 2021
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1. A place of eternal mediocrity that men are sent after they're beaten publicly and their soul/dreams/careers are destroyed forever. Usually it's televised live to millions of people. Notable members are George Masvidal and Benjamin Askren. There is no escape from the shadow realm, the resident's unfortunate demise will forever be remembered and will outshine ALL of their other life accomplishments. Travelers to the shadow realm usually get there by talking mad sh*t to their opponents and not backing it up, being forced to eat their words along with their integrity. No one will ever believe anything they say again and they will forever be doubted. Fans and supporters will mourn these fighters but eventually accept that they were never truly who they believed they were. Sad indeed RIP.
Fighter 1: I beat him any way I want, I dominate him the whole time...
Fighter 1: (shadow realm)

Fighter 2: He wasn't blessed with that manliness to where he can hurt another man with his hands, all he can do is hug...
Fighter 2: (shadow realm)
by Big_bobby April 26, 2021
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