forza juve!
by j August 22, 2003
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a game for xbox. aka forza motorsport.
it is awesome
if you like cars, go buy it.
Sorry mom. i cant do the dishes because i am playing forza
by gravy2000 July 4, 2006
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A stupid older man who has unprotected sex with women who are around the age of 20.
1: What moron would have unprotected sex with a 18 year old?

2: A forza!
by Thomas Maconey August 10, 2007
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The Italian word for strength or power.

Also, the name of popular racing franchise .
The government had Forza over the citizens.
by Top Engineer Roberts June 8, 2021
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An game series brand. There are 3 types of Forza games : Forza Motorsport (For PC, XBOX ONE, X|S) , Forza Horizon (For PC, XBOX ONE, X|S) and Forza Street (For iOs, Android, PC)
Me : Yo bro lets go play some Forza Horizon!
Homie : Yolo that would be great but lets play some Forza Motorsport before!
Mobile Gamer Homie : Does someone wanna play Forza Street with me?
Me : ...
Homie : ...
Mobile Gamer Homie : I didnt bring my Xbox sorry guys.
Homie : Okay.
by Aye Sunney March 30, 2021
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The sickest realistic driving simulator ever created as of 2005.
dude gt4 sucks compared to forza!
by mike May 6, 2005
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It's one of the best racing games for xbox360
Todd:wanna play forza horizon 2
Kyle:nah I'm gonna smoke a bowl
by That_1_retard March 23, 2020
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