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A person that is often active on subreddits like r/memes r/dankmemes or r/pewdiepiesubmissions. This type of person thinks that they are superior to other because they use reddit and not instagram or some other platform.
A reddit normie hates the use of emojies and immediately downvotes a comment/post with an emoji when they can.
This type of person will call out other people as normies when they use instagram, Tik tok or play fortnite.
Things a Reddit normie likes include Marvel, Minecraft, Keanu Reeves, PewDiePie, Infinity War, 69 (Finds the number funny) and 420 (same here).
A reddit normie often reposts or ruins funny images by adding reaction images to an already funny picture. Although they like to repost they also complain about others reposting.
A reddit normie often goes to other platforms and comments with r/woosh although they are not on reddit.
A reddit normie also likes to criticize others for wanting followers although they ask for Karma which is literally worth nothing. Asks for upvotes on their cakeday/ makes a cakeday meme.
Ffs, all these reddit normies are ruining this subreddit.
by Gt racist April 27, 2020
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Often happens in a virtual race, especially in forza.
When you are driving in front of someone and the person behind punts you off the track into the barrier and you pretty much lose the race.
Oh, I've just been sent to the shadow realm.

I sent that guy to the shadow realm.
by Gt racist April 27, 2020
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