When you can only have sex in a bed in the missionary position.
Man A: "did you get laid last night?"
Man B: "yeah but she only let me do The Scott"
Man A: "damn dude that sucks!"
by *Deadly*Sin* June 6, 2017
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when someone is ridiculously insanely out of this world oh my god there is no other word for how funny that was. He rocks the covers.
Dude. That was so scott. I almost peed my pants.

He's so scottish. Hes on my top 10 funniest list.
by Sarah Grace May 2, 2005
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A courtship move where a man takes a woman he just met to a strip club, orders a couples lap dance, and then starts aggressively making out with her before taking her back to his place for sexual relations.
They are really hitting it off, I wouldn't be surprised if he went for "The Scott."
by boommmmmmmm August 29, 2016
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1. An alternative name for a vibrator or dildo.
2. Your snatch's best friend.
1. Honey, will you get me a scott-scott for Christmas.
2. The community scott-scott ran out of batteries.
3. Laura must be so loose because her scott-scott is huge.
by Scott Scott March 27, 2008
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Scott is Scott
Scott is Scott that's just a fact
by StuffityStuff2 January 31, 2021
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meaning sexx.
or a totally rad person..
who is extremely sexxxy.
kristen: that boy is so scott scott
yolanda: i agree
by a;lsdkfj;lsaf September 14, 2008
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Someone who is likely to randomly steal or delete your kneecaps at anytime without prior consent and/or warning.
Person: SCOTT!!!
wtf are you doing!?!?

Scott: give me your fucking kneecaps!
by Langlespank November 12, 2020
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