The dance epileptic people do when they see a bunch of flashing lights.
Person 1: This game is lit, oh no I got flashbanged!
Person 1: Ah sick he's doing The Scatman!
by iiJason124 January 17, 2020
A person who is able to turn their weakness into strengh and enjoy life without worrying about taking the next step.
John was frail guy until he pulled himself together and became The Scatman.
by YourAverageFriend November 5, 2022
A scatman is a person who stutters but is able to turn it into an awesome beat.
Scatman John is a scatman, he really knows how to scat a good rhyme.
by Scatman John September 12, 2004
A popular song in the mid 1990s by Scatman John. The song's message is to feel good about yourself, no matter what, and that just because you stutter, you can still make a great tune!
"I'm the Scatman! Yeaaaahh, I'm the Scatman!"
by lte September 17, 2006
(I'm the scatman) Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub
by Bundle of Nonsense June 23, 2022