a group of five girls in south florida. they consist of Kat, Kait, Missy, Lana, Jess. they are best friends and each have their own "position" in the group
Kat- mom
Kait- eldest
Missy- funny middle child
Lana- second oldest, pimpette ;)
Jess- baby, drama queen (in the nicest way possible), emo

Known for having kickass times

honorary members include- kris, krista and stephanie
"hey are you going out this weekend Lana? "
"yep! im hanging with the sandals all weekend"
by Surinya* January 10, 2005
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Committing the notorious act of wearing Socks with Sandals.
Oh man, I hate it when my boyfriend commits sandalism! It's so embarassing! :(
by Brandizz September 25, 2005
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To throw your footwear in disgust, for lack of something better to throw.
A fan gave me the finger at the game last night, I didn't want to waste my beer, so i tried to sandalize her. She was removed before i could get my sandal off, however
by Thegreatwarden78 August 29, 2008
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A form of shoe that only looks good on women and effeminate men who can crossdress convincingly. On men, it's not attractive at all and should be forbidden.
The woman's sandals make her look so much more sexy than usual.

That guy kills his look by wearing sandals.
by Bitch ass motherfucker July 2, 2010
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Did you see that sandal over there?
-Yeah, my uncle is there too!
by Ricc999 March 3, 2018
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see through Footwear that people wear in Hot weather
Sandals feel so fucking good to wear in hot weather
by Admir DeMondo December 24, 2003
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