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After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
by JRBIV December 11, 2019
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n : an area of Indiana encompassing Lake County - some contend that Porter County is also included; many Hoosiers immediately recognize a 'Region-Rat' from the subtle nuances in dialect and propensity of proclaiming being 'from Chicago', albight living in Indiana.

Non-'Regionites' are characterized by the ignorant belief that all of da Region is a gang-infested wasteland a la Mad Max or Escape from New York / LA (of the three, the last two can be seen as a degredative insult).

syn: da region
You: 'Where you from?'
Me: 'North-west Indiana, near Chicago.'
You: 'Oh, the region!?'

You: 'Ever been (mugged / raped / shot-at / deported) in Gary?'
Me: 'No, I'm from the Region, not Warsaw!'
by toeregion July 05, 2005
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Northwest Indiana, generally Lake and Porter counties but some purists believe it's only parts of Lake county, and some losers from LaPorte county call themselves regionites. People from the region are generally left-leaning, blue-collar people as opposed to downright hicks (e.g. the rest of Indiana).
Yeah he's not from indy, he's from the region.
by kaytwo November 26, 2004
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A contiguous three-county area of Indiana that borders Chicago; consisting of Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties.

The three counties are notably different from the rest of Indiana and more in line with neighboring Chicago in terms of economy, culture, politics and association - even a time zone (the region is on Central Standard, while most of the rest of Indiana observes Eastern Standard).

The region is part of the greater Chicagoland metropolitan area according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
To get from South Bend to Chicago, you have to go through the Region.
by puretruth March 31, 2009
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Northwest Indiana, specifically Lake County. The region consists of the cities of Gary, Hammond, Whiting, Highland. It is a suburb of Chicago.
Dude1: Hey, let's go to the region.
Dude2: Are you nuts, I don't want to get killed.
by JoeIron April 01, 2007
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"The Region" - Noun (Proper)- Used to describe the handful of cities that border the city of Chicago, but lie within the state of Indiana, (Lake County).

The current usage of the term "The Region" stemmed from uneducated millennials' misunderstanding of the word 'region' Region, (meaning the general surrounding area), at some point made the leap from noun to proper noun, when individuals with poor vocabularies assumed "the region" was the name of a specific place being referenced, and not a word used to describe "the general nearby area" around Chicago. Now, the originally misunderstood usage of the term actually does reference Northwest Indiana. The phrase's popularity has drastically increased in recent years.

There was a Snapchat filter added, as well as a steady increase in google searches for the term.
Person living in Florida - "So where are you from?"
Person visiting from Northwest Indiana - "I'm from The Region."
Person living in Florida - "That's funny... it doesn't look like your pale ass is from around here."
by Dr Climate February 03, 2020
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