Spongebob-"We still have these"

Spongebob-"pulls out 2 candy bars"

Patrick-"Oh boy! Rectangles!
by CanYouLikeNotPlease April 4, 2022
Rectangles are just long lanky squares who don’t fit in. Therefore they have their own name and own feelings.

The government is trying to trick us
Did u see the government paper trying to make write our name in those “rectangles” ? Scammers!
by Mr Jebi se December 18, 2019
the cash form of money
folding rectangles into squares.
(splitting money with someone else)
by xavior April 29, 2004
Mary and I went pretty hard at it last night. I gave her a proper rectangle
by BraveDog November 20, 2013
A rectangle is most commonly found when a person trys to eat to many carrots at once. They get an overflow which causes the rectum to become tangled and mangled.
"Ouch the rectangle is hurting between my legs, Dude."
by L0nGw@nGe|2 March 28, 2003
Rectangle; to be, get, have been, to become, getting, got, am "rectangled"

The act of getting absolutely retarded out of your brain on drugs, alcohol, huffing glue, whatever the need be.

Also, see mangled

"hey man, what did you do last night?"
"man, i got fuckin' rectangled"
by conpiece! October 27, 2007