A device to which a victim is strapped by their hands and feet, and then they are stretched opposite ways, so as to cause the dislocation of several body parts, and eventual tearing of the body.
The Rack can also be used to relieve back pain.
by Argonak April 12, 2008
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Being rich as fuck, ballin' outta control. Racks is a synonym for stacks; a stack being $1,000. Basically, if you stackin' money crazy high, you got racks on racks on racks. Made famous by Yung Chris' hit song 'Racks'.
That nigga Yung Chris might not have had racks on racks on racks before that song, but that shit is a hit, I bet he's rollin' now.
by Boubie April 8, 2011
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lots of money; piles of money; money money money - like donald trump money or like morgan freeman voice money.
Oh, my bill is $104,345,899,990.09? Well, that's okay, 'cause i got RACKS ON RACKS ON RACKS.
by heybobbi May 16, 2011
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Incredibly large sums of money. But more appropriately, an adjective used to describe something that one possesses in copious amounts.
Justin spent racks on racks on racks last time he went to the grocery store, and now he has racks on racks on racks of Cap'n Crunch in his pantry.
by oddfuturewolfgain September 5, 2011
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Originates from casino the gambling term "STACKS ON RACKS." Plastic "racks" hold "stacks" of 100 casino chips each. Since casino chips are uniform in size, a rack can hold $100 (if $1 chips) up to $500,000 (if $5,000.00 Chips). The "racks" themselves are also stackable. So RACKS ON RACKS describes the stacking of plastic chip racks....each holding stacks of up to 100 casino chips of any denomination as described. AKA a shitload of money.
I was on a heater and took racks on racks from that blackjack table.
by Frazynut August 4, 2018
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A rack is (1) thousand cash could be within a rubber band. RACK & STACK are commonly confused in urban slang. 10 racks equals a stack. 100 racks equals one(1) book. 1000 racks equals one(1) bible. Also see stack bible book
Jen: How much money do you have to spend at the club?

Tom: 8 racks

Note: Technically equals = $8,000
by joey jaw breakers FLA February 2, 2017
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