Relating to God itself, or a Master of Rap.
1: Do you know who The Profit is?
2: Yeah Man! Its Anthony Sinigail thats who!
1: Oh I gotcha now.
It has the same meaning as profit, to gain from, with its use intended for dramatic flair. Quoted from Preach, part of the Youtube channel Aba & Preach.
When a person puts you in the Friendzone because it's convenient, they profitate from your being in the Friendzone.
by kameHouse May 12, 2020
The result of two steps in a process, the second of which is a mystery. A meme that comes from South Park.
"Phase one, COLLECT UNDERPANTS. Phase two, ??? Phase three, PROFIT!"
by Sissy;; January 20, 2009
When a girl purposefully leaves you in the friend zone because it is convenient for her.
Guy1: Dude, that girl has so many guys in the friendzone doing shit for her to get some and she totally knows it.

Guy2: What did you expect man? She profitates off that shit.
by Insigniarum May 12, 2020
The result of a step-by-step combining of a defined action and ?. Originated from a South Park episode "Underpants Gnomes"
Step 1: Steal underpants.
Step 2: ?.
Step 3: PROFIT!
by Gerinych January 5, 2008
adj. 1. Advantageous, valuable.
2. As of yielding profit or monetary gain.
Slavery was so profitable in the South during the late mid 1800s.
by Definitioners44 March 3, 2015
The step that comes after ?????
Step 1: Obtain Rednecks
Step 2: Abduct them
Step 3: Analy Probe them.
Step 4: ?????
Step 5: Profit
by ODST January 2, 2010