Nickname for Mark Philapoussis a great, if inconsistent, tennis champion on the world circuit.
Did you see The Poo in the last set of that match?
by sylvy September 24, 2006
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Poo poo is a baby way of saying brown soggy stuff coming out of your bootyhole
My poo poo is soo yummy 🤤 *eats poo poo*
by Hellenada July 13, 2019
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Excrements of the human rectum.
"One of the things they do is Anal Licking, where a man's Anus is a licked like this >oloolnomnom< by the other person, like ice cream. and then what happens, even da POO POO comes out, and den dey eat da POO POO.
by Sandpaper Kitten June 11, 2010
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Claiming something to be useless, unnecessary, stupid, or dumb. Characterizing an action as superfluous or unimportant
Sarah Rader was poo pooing people owning pets.
by H B Pennypacker May 5, 2008
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A term of endearment.... a pet name for a lover.... not to be confused with other definitions
I love you, poo-poo
by DJawesome February 14, 2010
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